Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Amazingly Easy Phrasal Verbs Chapter One Answers

Here they are!

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Chapter summary

Alan ran out of bread because he put off going to the shops. He hadn’t been shopping because he got back late. The flight was late because it was held up. He was also late because his taxi broke down. He doesn’t have much luck with technology so he finds it’s easiest just to give in. Anyway, he doesn’t care because he can show off his tan.

Mini test

1) Can you believe that’s the third time this week the photocopier has broken down?
2) What time do you think you’ll get back from the meeting?
3) Julie loves herself; she’s such a show off.
4) I don’t know, I give in.
5) I think I’ll put off visiting my sister until next week.
6) I hope you like your coffee black, I’ve run out of milk.

7) He’s probably been held up in the traffic.