Friday, July 9, 2010

Take the Micky

This blog and following video contains some rude words - not very rude but a bit.

So, if you're easily offended, look away now.

If you take the Micky you're making a joke of someone, perhaps making them look a bit stupid. Taking the Micky may also be called taking the Michael, or more crudely, taking the piss. In Scotland, sometimes pronounced pash.

One of the places you are most likely to find such humour is in bar room banter - the tit for tat joking found in a bar.

Quite possibly the best example of this can be found in the Scottish comedy series Still game. If someone is still game , they are prepared to take on a challenge regardless of age or anything else.

You may find the accent a bit tricky but if you can get through it, there is some very witty comedy to be found - with a few rude words - and I'm nae takin the pash!