Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shop until you drop

It's the time of year when people do just that. They shop until they are exhausted - and broke!

It's particularly true in a city and anybody in Warsaw will know what I mean. It's crazy really and we all say we hate it. So why are the shops so crowded?

In the UK, there are many game shows based around consumer goods. Actually, I like game shows and I think they can be a fun way to learn language and understand a culture.

Here's one called Supermarket Sweep. Contestants answer questions which buy them time. The more time they win, the longer they have to race around the supermarket and fill their trolleys. Usually, it's about 90 seconds. That's about the right amount of time for Christmas shopping. Give your family members a big hug instead - that's worth much more and can never be forgotten, lost, broken or out of date!

Ah well, let's watch Dale Winton - he's a lot of fun!