Friday, November 12, 2010

Chick flick

Have you seen any good chick flicks lately?

Probably, for most guys, the thought of it is quite scary.

Here's how it works. Chick (a baby chicken) is a term that used to be used to refer to women, particularly in the hippy 60's.

If you were going to the flicks, you'd be going to watch a movie. The word flick comes from flicker when light flashes very quickly. This is because that's how the movies looked in the early silent movie days.

So what's a chick flick? One that appeals more to women but you may drag your reluctant husband or boyfriend along - he's just hoping he won't be spotted by his mates!

You can also have chick lit. which is literature aimed at women - Sophie Kinsella, for example.

OK, back to chick flicks - nothing defines the genre more clearly than this. Guys - look away now - yuk!!