Monday, October 11, 2010


The idiom blog has been quiet while I finish some important work but today I'm making an exception.

I heard today that Solomon Burke, one of my musical heroes, died aged 70.

Solomon Burke R.I.P - Rest in Peace.

Here's an entry from my Black Magic music blog, reposted here for all of you to see the great man.

Solomon Burke - an enormous character in body and soul. A musical legend respected by his peers. Born in 1940, a preacher and contemporary of Martin Luther King, he combined spiritual soul with musical soul and gospel.

As he says, if you don't say it's wrong, you're saying that it's right. Never let a racist comment pass you by. Challenge it and confront it for the abomination that it is for, until it's irradicated from the world, none of us are free - whatever colour. Hatred has no bounderies, nor love; the choice is yours.