Sunday, July 4, 2010

Throw your dummy out of the pram

Frustrated children who can't get their own way have temper tantrums. They scream, roll around and bang their feet on the ground. Of course, if they are younger, they can only throw their dummy out the pram. (A dummy being the thing you put in baby's mouths to keep them quiet - aptly called a Pacifier by Americans)

He's throw his dummy out of the pram

We use this phrase to describe an adult having a tantrum. I searched quite a few videos of queen bitch Elton John having tantrums and slagging off (criticising) fellow professionals and in the end, he annoyed me so much I decided not to put him on my blog!

Instead, another tantrum with an interesting ending. This won European advert of the year award. Sorry Elton, you'll just have to put your dummy back in.