Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cheesed off

Here are some cheesy idioms.

Cheese and off may seem a strange collocation and no, it's not an insult!

I'm really cheesed off, I spent all day writing my assignment and then lost the data!

So, it means annoyed, frustrated, fed up. Well, I guess it's just hard cheese! (Bad luck)

So what do the English do with cheese; eat it? Of course not; that would be far too easy. We roll it down a hill and chase it.

That's what happens every year in a village near Gloucester,(pronounced - Glosta)one of the centres of English rugby, and the race provides some good tackling pratice for the people at the bottom of the hill. (There are 11 races in all and one up hill!)

Check this out - it's something else!