Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time flies

Yes, time flies and you don't even need a flying machine.

It passes on its own very quickly.

It used to be a common site to see on clocks the Latin inscription, Tepus fugit.

Remember, if you want to ask the time in English, you might need to pad your enquiry with extra politeness.

'I wonder if you could tell me the time?

'You couldn't tell me the time, could you?

'I don't suppose you could tell me time?

Crazy but true!

Here's a classic piece of writing about time from the comic genius Spike Milligan. He was the writer of the radio programme, The Goon Show which was inspirational to many surrealist comics including Monty Python.

Listen and enjoy this sketch which was first broadcast in 1957 and is just as funny today. Ahh, how time flies!