Monday, April 19, 2010

The Full Monty

Go on! Get yer kit off and go the full monty!

The full monty means the complete thing without anything taken out. Maybe you could use it in a restaurant and go the full monty and order everything.

You could have some work done on your apartment and decide whether to do it partially or go for the full monty.

Regarding the origin there are different opinions. The first idea is that it goes back to the famous tailoring shop Montague Burton and that somebody ordering a complete three piece suit would be ordering the full monty.

However, it later became associated with Field Marshall Montgomery who famously defied army orders by wearing two badges on his beret. Then I've also heard that his duffle coat was called a Montgomery too. Confused?!

Ironically, it is perhaps most famous in modern times because of the film of the same name where redundant miners from Sheffield form a strip group and go the full monty and reveal everything. You have been warned!