Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vanished into thin air

Dedicated to Kasia and Pawel

A strange thing happened in an English lesson today.

As the lesson progressed, as usual, I noted some mistakes and interesting new vocabulary which we could use as revision at the end of the lesson.

Hm, so far, so good. I made notes, as usual, throughout the lesson on the same pad.

So - end of lesson, time to revise but not as usual, the notes had gone! They'd just vanished into thin air.

Why thin? Maybe that's the highest part of the atmosphere. It was as if a magician had just made them vanish.

Here are some of the coolest magicians going - if you collocate, magic, anarchy, politics, comedy and a lot of attitude - this is what you get. Keep an eye on those balls or they might just vanish!