Friday, February 12, 2010

Going for an Indian

(Dedicated to Saikat)

What would I be asking if I suggested going for an Indian? Well, it wouldn't be a cowboy film but an Indian meal.

You might think the full English breakfast or fish and chips is the most popular meal in Britain but in fact, it's curry.

There are many Indian restaurants where people go for an Indian (meal).

Unfortunately, often groups of people go when they are drunk, are rude to the waiters and order too much of the hottest, spiciest food on the menu.

In this popular British comedy made by Indians, the situation is reversed as a group of Indians go out for 'an English.'

Such a meal doesn't really exist but they make a joke of English food having a reputation for being very plain and boring, or in other words, bland.

'What's the blandest thing on the menu?'

Enjoy your meal!